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Thin Films

Components, Instrumentation, Systems & Supplies for Thin Film Technolgy


If your project involves building a research system or replacing old components from an existing system, xtronix can assist you.

Over the years we've helped many research customers, but also small hi-tech industries, with their upgrades or home made systems. We can supply a variey of high-quality components for system integration: sputter magnetrons, ion sources, heater arrays, evaporation sources, power supplies, RF generators, complete rotating substrate holders, etc. 

sputter magnetrons     Sputter Magnetron 2     UHV Magnetrons



Vacuum Gauge Controllers, Deposition Controllers and RGAs are vital instruments for a PVD system. While the first and second can be considered essential, an RGA can be of great help in better understanding the process conditions as well as doubling up as a quadrupole helium leak detector if needed.

We have a range of cutting-edge instruments for vauum pressure control, depostion control and residual gas analysis.

 gauge controller     eon     rga

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Whether your application reqiuires a batch coater or a more complex cluster tool, we can be your partner with highly affordable systems designs.

Our company was founded in 1988 on the roots of years of prior experience in a variety of high and ultra-high vacuum fields, including sputter and evaporation techniques. We partner with highly qualified workshops to design, build and install batch coaters and multi-chamber deposition / etch tools using state-of-the-art standard components and sub-assemblies.

Cluster Tool     Sputter System     Cluster Tool

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Quartz Crystals, Sputter Targets, Evaporation Materials....we have it!

Historically, most existing customers know us for our AT-cut crystals. We stocks replacement quartz crystals for most commercially available film thickness monitors. These include 6 MHz, 14mm diameter crystals (for Inficon™, Sycon™, Sigma™, Intellimetrics™ and Maxtek™ instruments), 5 MHz, 14mm diameter crystals (for Balzers™ instruments). But we also supply 5 MHz, 12.5mm diameter crystals (for Ulvac™).

Yet several new products have emerged in recent years worth mentioning. We invite you to take a close look at the areas of thin film applications they address:


Sputter Targets     Quartz Crystals     Evaporation Materials

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