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Terms & Conditions of Sale

Please read carefully, these terms apply to all orders!

Order Cancellation:

Purchase Orders form a contractual obligation by the Buyer to accept the product(s) purchased at the agreed price and within the agreed payment term(s). Order cancellations are generally not accepted. In force majeure cases and at the discretion of X-TRONIX, a cancellation can be accepted, subject to a cancellation fee of 30% for off the shelf items or 50% for standard products built-on-order. Custom executions (manufacturing of products specific to a single customer) will be subject to an 85% minimum cancellation fee. X-TRONIX will treat force majeure cases in a fair manner but reserves the right to determine the final charge due by the Buyer and the Buyer agrees to pay in full the said charge.

Payment Terms:

Payments must be received at X-TRONIX on the due date agreed at time of order. Late payments are subject to a financing and administrative charge of 2% per month or weekly portion thereof.

Delivery Delay:

Expressed as a best estimate at time of quotation, delivery defines the shipping time after receipt of the order at the factory and any advance payment agreed. If the product is on stock in our warehouse, delivery defines required shipping time thereof. No penalties due to late delivery will be accepted beyond what may have been negotiated before placing the order and confirmed in writing by X-TRONIX as accepted.

Taxes & Duties:

Except where expressly mentioned in the quotation and order acknowledgement, all taxes and/or duties in Buyer's country are to his account.

Product Warranty:

Unless otherwise indicated in our quotation, X-TRONIX warrants products to be free of defect due to poor workmanship or material for a period of 12 months from date of shipment. Items considered as "expendable" such as filaments, heater cartridges, etc. carry a 60 days warranty from date of shipment. Consumables may be subject to no warranty or a limited warranty. Certain sub-equipment built into a system (e.g. pumps, gauge controller, deposition monitors, etc.) carry the system warranty but in some cases may carry their own original equipment manufacturer's warranty, normally contained in the product's instruction manual.

At our option we will repair or replace a defective item free of charge. Not covered by warranty are shipping expenses and damage to returned goods due to improper packaging; damage occurring under extreme conditions for which the product was not designed for; unauthorized repair attempts or modifications made by the user to the product.

Returned Goods: Please obtain return shipment authorization prior to return of goods. Further, any instrument, sub-equipment or sub-components returned for repair must be certified to be free of hazardous or toxic materials.

Ownership of Products:

X-TRONIX will retain ownership of the product(s) until payment is received in full from Buyer.


All liabilities are passed on to buyer once the product leaves the factory (or our warehouse when shipped from the latter). In all instances liability is limited to repair or replacement and X-TRONIX shall not be held liable in any form of action for incidental or consequential damages to property or person. The foregoing is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purposes. Representation and Warranties made by any person, including distributors and representatives of X-TRONIX, which are inconsistent or in conflict with the terms herein shall not be binding upon X-TRONIX unless reduced to writing and approved by an expressly authorized officer of X-TRONIX. Liability during transit is governed by the INCOTERMS in force at time of shipment, a copy of which can be obtained from your local Chamber of Commence.


Any dispute arising in connection with a Purchase Order placed on X-TRONIX which cannot be resolved by goodwill negotiation will be of the jurisdiction of Swiss law and courts.