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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I buy from this site?
  2. Where can I find technical documentation?
  3. Why does the 'search' function list non-existing pages?
  4. Who is X-TRONIX anyway?
  5. What is the participation policy regarding the blog?


How do I buy from this site?

For the conveniece of overseas customers in particular, we accept credit card purchases via the secure platform of PayPal®, however, some of the products we sell may require an export license first. If you wish to place an order please use the Help Desk e-mail link under 'Contact' in the navigation menu.

This site is NOT SSL secured, nor does it need to be, as payments default to a secured PayPal® site!

About SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer. This encryption technology supports both industry-standard 128-bit (often used by banking infrastructures to safeguard sensitive data) and high-grade 256-bit encryption to secure online transactions. The actual encryption strength on a secure connection using a digital certificate is determined by the level of encryption supported by the user's browser and the server that the Web site resides on. Encryption strength is measured in key length - number of bits in the key. To decipher an SSL communication, one needs to generate the correct decoding key. Mathematically speaking, 2n possible values exist for an n-bit key. Thus, 40-bit encryption involves 240 possible values. 128- and 256-bit keys involve a staggering 2128 and 2256 possible combinations, respectively, rendering the encrypted data de facto impervious to intrusion. Even with a brute-force attack (the process of systematically trying all possible combinations until the right one is found) cracking a 128- or 256-bit encryption is generally considered computationally unfeasible. It is recommended never to buy from a site that has not been secured. Often a secured site's check-out payment form will show up as

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Where can I find technical documentation?

First use the search function at the top right of this web. Enter a keyword descriptive of the product and see if you find what you need in the returns.

This said, the best place to rapidly access the latest published technical documentation on a product is by following the links under 'Products' to the respective sites of our Principals. If you do not find what you need or if you are after documentation on our own brand items that does not show up in your search, please request it via the 'Contact' link. We'll endeavor to respond as quickly as possible.


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Why does the 'search' function list non-existent pages?

The driving search engine of this web uses Google® technology. Google had also indexed our old web which peaked at 80 HTML pages, dozens of images, PowerPoint shows, PDF files, etc. Many of the HTML pages were not migrated to this new web in a spirit of keeping it slimmer and with a simplified navigation. The legacy pages should eventually disappear from the Google index so this temporary confusion will resolve itself at some point down the road.

Oops pix Our apology for the 'Oops, page not found' error dialogs you may encounter temporarily or landing on the HTML navigation index. These issues will resolve over time.


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Who is X-TRONIX?

We are a Swiss firm in business since 1988. We are an equipment supplier to academic & government research, corporate development and hi-tech industry. Our customers are in 40 countries of Europe, North & South America, Asia, Middle East and South Africa. By proxy of our OEM private labeling activity we reach markets around the globe.


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What is the participation policy regarding the blog?

We welcome and encourage customer participation. Any user of our equipment that has done an interesting piece of research using one of our products and who wishes to share that work with like-minded persons can post an abstract with an appropriate link to their own site. We do reserve the right to clear postings before they go live and this in a spirit of avoiding abuse by spammers.

Customers who have a long paper to post yet do not have access to a server, please e-mail the abstract and attach your full work in PDF file (see Contact link). We'll upload the PDF to our server and make the link from your abstract to the PDF file. If you wish to post a PowerPoint show or a video clip of your research work, feel free to e-mail us. We do require that proper identification (full name, University or company, city/country) is provided. Avoid adding your e-mail address inside the body of your abstract, this to avoid that webbots harvest your address for spam purpose.


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