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Three new Educational Kits from CAEN

The future of the Educational Labs is here! A modern, digital and flexible platform developed by CAEN for teaching the fundamentals of Statistics & Nuclear and Modern Physics 

  • GammaEDU - A portable detection backpack for revealing the presence of radioactive materials in the environment. The high efficiency of the scintillation crystal allows to perform a measurement in few minutes. GammaEDU can identify industrial, medical and naturally occurring radioactive isotopes in static and dynamic acquisition. Click for PDF

  • Environmental Kit - Environmental radioactivity is all around us. The public imagination often associates a negative feeling to this natural phenomenon. To increase the familiarity with this field CAEN designed a dedicated educational kit, based on Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM) matrix coupled to a CsI(Tl) Scintillator (or others on request). Click for PDF

  • Cosmic Hunter - Cosmic rays are energetic, subatomic particles that constantly bombard the Earth’s atmosphere from all directions. Cosmic Hunter is a new educational tool through which CAEN strives to inspire students and guide them towards the analysis and comprehension of cosmic rays. Click for PDF



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