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Glass or Ceramic sealed F/T's

An important variety of vacuum feedthroughs are available from our selection.

These can include high current, high voltage, flange-mounted, etc.

Call or email us your specifications for a quotation.

Ionization Gauges

Bayard-Alpert glass-body and CF-mounted nude UHV ionization gauges.

Our high quality B-A gauges are direct replacements to major brands. We carry a large inventory.


A large selection of sizes!

Standard and on request materials include Kodial, Quartz, Sapphire, MgF2, BaF2, CaF2, ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, Si and Lead Glass.

Call us to discuss your needs!

Custom Pirani Gauges

These glass-to-metal sealed Pirani gauges were built to order for a major International instrumentation manufacturer

We delivered a first batch of 250 gauge sensors followed by a second order for 100.

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Glass / Ceramic Quality Vacuum Components
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Contact us for your special connector needs. High voltage, high current, bakeable to high temperatures and more.


Glass-to-metal feedthoughs for various electrical characteristics. They can be delivered on KF or CF flanges.


Need a replacement Bayard-Alpert gauge? We have dozens of models for most brands, glass body or nude UHV versions.

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If you need simple rough vacuum measurement, we can help! We have low cost instruments for various needs, including 'unbranded' digital or analog panel mounts for OEM requirements.


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We supply ionization gauge filaments, Temescal / Telemark electron beam gun replacement parts, Commonwealth and Ion Tech source parts, Krytox oil, LVP grease, silicon and Santovac 5 diff pump fluids.


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viewport  Our selection of standard Viewports can be downloaded from the following Vacuum Components catalog pages:
KF Viewports: KF Components (983KB / see page 20)
ISO Viewports: ISO Components (796KB / see page 45)
CF Viewports: CF Components (2.27MB / see page 72 - 76)

Special thin film coatings can be applied on demand to enhance performances for various application needs.Standard and on request materials include Kodial, Quartz, Sapphire, MgF2, BaF2, CaF2, ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, Si and Lead Glass. Custom designed viewports can also be quoted on request.
Click this link to visit our blog page on Tips & Tricks regarding viewports!

Coefficients of Transmission

Different materials transmit better than others at given wavelengths. 100% transmission is practically impossible to achieve. Factors as material thickness, material batch differences and even the age of the material can affect the transmission curves from one batch to the other. Therefore, these figures should only be used as an overall guide. As a rule, the thicker the material the more the extreme ends of the curve will be attenuated. Certain materials, notably those for use in IR transmissions, can age and this ageing will cause a reduction in the transmission % over time.

The graphs below show the relationship between the % transmission coefficient and wavelength, for materials commonly used for vacuum viewports. 

Kodial Transmission Curve Mgf2 Transmission Curve
Kodial (borosilicate glass) Magnesium Fluorid
. .
Sapphire Transmission Curve Quartz Transmission Curve
Sapphire Quartz
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