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Silicon Photomultipliers

CAEN realizes two modular kits dedicated to Silicon Photomultipliers, representing the state-of-the-art in low light field detection with photon number resolving capabilities.

SiPM Kits - Dark Count Rate Measurements

This video shows how to measure Dark Count Rate (DCR) of a Silicon Photomultiplier using CAEN SiPM Kits. Marco Locatelli, CAEN scientist, describes how to use the CAEN Software for the parameter's setting of the SP5600 Power Supply and Amplification Unit (PSAU) module for the measurement of the DCR.

The DCR of a SiPM is the frequency of the pulses of the one photo-electron level in absence of light. This frequency makes difficult to distinguish a spurious hit generated from the intrinsic noise of the sensor from the signal obtained when a pixel is fired by a photon.

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