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Cryogenics - LN2 / LHe

If hovering 'near' Absolute Zero is your 'chilly' dream, talk to us!

We have the instrumentation that can help you measure extreme cold temperatures, with high resolution to within 0.001 K, where sensor resolution permits.

And with our line of Scientific Instruments silicon diodes, you can hover fairly close to absolute zero, down to 1.5 K with a repeatability of 10mK @ 4.2 K. Also, do take a close look at the tiny Ruthenium Oxide Sensors. They offer excellent performance characteristics in magnetic field environments. These sensors do not exhibit magnetoresistance in fields up to 2 T over their range.

We also propose a complete family of cryogenic valves from Rotarex, three of which can be used down to 3.15 K (-270°C)

9700 2-ch Temp. Controller

Temperature Controllers

Single-channel, 2-channel and 4-channel instruments are available in this product range.

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Si Diode

Cryo Temperature Sensors

Silicon diodes, Ruthenium Oxide RTDs, Platinum Resistance Thermometer, Chromel/Gold™ T/C.


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Cryogenic Valves

Cryogenic Valves

A selection of 9 models for Ultra-Cryogenic applications, down to -270°C (3.15 kelvin) are proposed.


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The CryoLab - for low-temperature analysis of: