Cutting-Edge Instrumentation Since 1988

Power Supply Systems

Mod. SY4527 power supply systems for High & Low Voltage, offering modularity, flexibility and reliability!

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Vacuum Gauges & RGA

A wide selection of sensors and instruments to cater to the various needs of vacuum measurement. Our range includes world's most miniaturized RGA quadrupole!

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Digital Detector Emulator

Mod. DT5800D is the most advanced system in the world for real-time emulation of random signals from radiation detectors.

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Vacuum Technology

High Vacuum & UHV: from the basic KF-ISO-CF flanges and fittings to viewports & feedthroughs, to modified standards and custom designs!

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UHV Hardware

LN2 / LHe Cryogenics

Mod. 9700 Temperature Controller can display two sensor inputs simultaneously using two high resolution 24-bit analog-to digital converters with a separate current source for each input.

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Waveform Digitizers

High speed (up to 5 GS/s) multichannel ADCs with local memory and FPGAs for real-time data processing. Available in different form factors, VME, NIM and Desktop

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This site covers various product lines that relate to beamline science.

CAEN Electronic Instrumentation is one of the first product lines xtronix started marketing back in 1988!

CAEN activities are at the forefront of the technology thanks to years of intensive collaborations with major Research Centers and Universities around the world and enjoys a privileged market position internationally as well as in Switzerland. The company is leader in the design and manufacture of sophisticated electronic instrumentation for sub-nuclear, nuclear and astroparticle physics: Low Voltage & High Voltage Universal Power Supply Systems, Signal Conditioning, Front-End, Trigger, Data Acquisition Electronics (VME, NIM, CAMAC standards) VME, NIM & Desktop Digitizers and VME, NIM Powered Crates.

In more recent years, CAEN has also developed a new digital platform able to meet different nuclear spectroscopy requirements in a flexible manner, including for X-ray and Gamma Spectroscopy.This is the result of all the experiences collected over years of collabotrations and projects in the field of radiation detectors.


CAEN 2017 Product Catalog

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CAEN proposes a complete range of instrumentation, from data acquisition to triggering electronics and logic functions. Most are available in the most popular standard form factors and bus protocols.

Digitizers, ADCs (Peak Sensing), QDCs, TDCs, Amplifiers, Attenuators, Sequencer, Bridges, Discriminators, FanIn-FanOut, Trigger Units, I/O Registers, Scalers, Timing Units, Translators.

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Powered Crates / HV Power Supplies

With Bootstrap, you can add pre-built stylized components to any layout to create the page design you need, and it will pull on comon styles for a uniforum look and feel.

There are hundreds of different components that you can add to your web pages.

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Vacuum Components

Over 1'500 line items in KF-ISO-CF standards and over 1'500 more in various types of feedthroughs!

Whether it's flanges, fittings, viewports, feedthroughs or connectors, we have them. And, we also undertake quite a bit of custom designs.

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Beamline Science Instrumentation

Vacuum Gauges, Residual Gas Analyzers and more. 

We propose a large range of sensors and modern electronic instrumentation for measuring vacuum and observing the the residual gas molecules in a beamline or vacuum chamber.

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Deep Rooted Technology Base

xtronix is a diversified technology supplier to academic and government research, corporate R&D and hi-tech industry. Our customers are in some 40 countries of Europe, the Americas, Asia, Middle East and South Africa. And by proxy of our OEM private labeling activity we reach markets around the globe.

We primarily cater to the following fields of science and technology:


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